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Career We support young lawyers

Career Path

We are constantly looking for and supporting young lawyers providing them with the opportunity to combine learning and working. CDD Legal has a clear career path for young lawyers. The cooperation starts with an internship or traineeship. The next stage is an apprenticeship under the guidance of a law firm patron, which allows gaining the necessary experience and knowledge and, consequently, the qualifications of an Attorney-at-Law or an Advocate. Young lawyers who show great commitment to gaining legal knowledge and experience, become leaders in their specialties and manage the work of particular Teams. The crowning career point of the most outstanding lawyers at CDD Legal is joining the team of partners.

Internships in the Law Office

We are constantly recruiting law students for internships. An internship is a free form of cooperation, during which the student learns the practical application of the law under the supervision of the firm’s best lawyers. We invite law students in the third year of their studies to our internship program. Since its beginning, CDD Legal valued the high skills, commitment, and passion of young law students. We are looking for the best in you. We present you with career opportunities and possibilities and pass on to you the vast experience we have gained over the years. During the recruitment process, apart from outstanding theoretical knowledge, the following are also taken into account: 

● knowledge of foreign languages,
●traveling abroad and additional activities (internships, student organizations), obtained scholarships and participation in subject competitions,
● impeccable personal culture and good communication skills
● passions and interests.

We invite you to cooperate with us and wish you good luck.


Current job offers

A professional career at CDD Legal starts when the applicant passes the entrance exam for the legal apprenticeship, which is a good prognosis for his/her further development.

The Law Firm signs a permanent cooperation agreement with the trainee and assigns him/her a mentor in the form of an Attorney-at-Law or an Advocate, who is also his/her patron. During the three-year apprenticeship, in addition to gaining theoretical knowledge, the Law Office prepares the trainees to pass their final examination at the highest level and to gain practice in their profession. For many years, the crowning achievement of the traineeship at CDD Legal has been the positive and best-scoring result in final exams obtained by our applicants, which fills us with pride and confidence in a job well done during the traineeship.