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Maciej Domagała

Partner | Attorney in Law

Maciej Domagała

Partner | Attorney in Law

Partner and co-founder of CDD Legal. He specializes in procedural and corporate law. However, believing in constant development, he continues to take on new challenges and broadens his scope of competence.

Maciej describes himself as an effective lawyer and that is how he is perceived by his Clients.

In his work he assumes that there is no legal problem that cannot be solved. Therefore he often advises on difficult cases in which a specific result is expected. Many times in his practice, he conducted the largest, extremely difficult court cases of high emotional relevance to his Clients, where the most decisive factors were his resistance to stress and active cooperation with the Client.

He owes these strong character traits to his musical education, thanks to which he manages to combine virtuosity with pragmatism, a rational mind with an artistic soul and this translates into the pursuit of non-standard solutions (always, of course, in compliance with the letter of the law).

His professional successes include; the representation of Wrocław Municipality in disputes related to public investments, comprehensive advisory in the implementation of numerous investment projects, including the implementation of the first Wrocław “skyscraper” or representation of Clients in disputes with financial institutions (banks, insurance companies). He is always guided by the goal of successfully conducting a case, regardless of whether it is a court trial or a non-litigation consultancy.

He graduated from postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Law and Economy of the European Union and passed his Attorney-at-Law exam with distinction in 2005 (as the best trainee of the year). 

He is socially active in a local association “Friendly Iwiny”, and in his free time, he devotes himself to his passion – classical music. He is also a fan of “black sport”, which allows him to release the adrenaline necessary to combine competition with fair play.

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